Comptes i Control is an audit and consulting firm created in 1997 by Antoni Fernàndez Teixidó and Esther Amselem Amselem, professionals with training as auditors, sworn accountants and economists, members of the Official Register of Accounts Auditors and with a long list professional experience.

Our clients are mainly small and medium companies that need an agile and close audit service, and with a high degree of involvement. We develop our activity throughout the national territory and mainly in Catalonia.

Aware of the importance of audit work in the current world and in the future, and with the aim of providing our best services and providing solutions, we have focused our work methodology on rigor, proximity and trust with our customers. Providing added value thanks to our years of experience in different sectors, the seriousness of our work and the requirement that we set ourselves to achieve its objectives.

Our main capital is the training and capacity of the professionals who work with us. We have a team of dynamic, highly committed and ethically responsible people.


Offer our clients an integral, specialized, quality and excellence service, providing a committed, innovative, ethical and service-minded human team.


To be recognized as one of the best companies providing audit and consulting services to small and medium-sized companies in our country.


  • We work as a team
  • We act with integrity
  • We are objective and impartial
  • We respect independence